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Food Vore
Fetish model Isabelle Shy eating berries in Fruit Fetish
Isabelle seductively eats a bowl of juicy berries and a nice firm banana
Scene from:
Fruit Fetish
Isabelle Shy licking gummybears
Isabelle and Evil Manda eat lots of gummy bears
Scene from:
Gummybear Massacre
Isabelle Shy eating whipped cream
I curl up with whipped cream, strawberries and a banana…yum
Scene from:
Fireside Foodie
Fetish model Isabelle Shy sucking on a big gummy in Jar o Gummies
An entire jar of gummies gets chewed up and spit out!
Scene from:
Jar o Gummies
Fetish model Preay eating a clementine in "Preya
Preya turns a tiny man into a clementine and enjoys each little piece
Scene from:
Preya's Cuties
Fetish model Evil Manda destroys and devours Gummy Bears
Evil Manda devours a bowl full of gummies while berating them
Scene from:
I Hate You
Fetish Model Evil Manda eating a gingerbread man in Lebkuchenmann
Evil Manda eats a delicious gingerbread man, pretending it is alaive
Scene from:
Fetish model Isabelle Shy eats cookie dough men
Isabelle savors lots of little cookie dough men!
Scene from:
C is for Cookie Dough
Fetish model Isabelle Shy eats a fondent man in Sweet Taste of Revenge
A large molded fondant man is licked, bitten, broken, chewed and eaten
Scene from:
The Sweet Taste of Revenge
Fetish model Isabelle Shy dances for and eats marshmallow peeps
Isabelle licks, bites and devours the marshmallow peeps that were once attendees at Her stripper dance.
Scene from:
Peep Show
Fetish model Isabelle Shy eating antipasto in Olive You video
Isabelle eats olives and stuffed grape leaves
Scene from:
Olive You
Fetish model Evil Manda detroys and eats Nerds
Evil Manda rages and eats a bag of Nerds
Scene from:
Nerd Alert
Fetish model Evil Manda eats and pulls apart marshmallow peeps- mouth fetish
Evil Manda destroys and devours marshmallow peeps
Scene from:
Peeping Toms
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